Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli Goats

Oberhasli Goats For Sale

The Oberhasli is a Swiss dairy goat. This breed is a medium size, vigorous and alert in appearance. Its color is chamoisee. Does may be black but chamoisee is preferred. Chamoisee is described as: Bay—ranging from light to a deep red bay with the latter most desirable.
A few white hairs through the coat and about the ears are permitted. Markings are to be: two black stripes down the face from above each eye to a black muzzle; forehead nearly all black, black stripes from the base of each ear coming to a point just back of the poll and continuing along the neck and back as a dorsal stripe to the tail; a black belly and light gray to black udder; black legs below the knees and hocks; ears black inside and bay outside.
Bucks often have more black on the head than does, black whiskers, and black hair along the shoulder and lower chest with a mantle of black along the back. Bucks frequently have more white hairs through the coat than does. Ears should be erect and alertly carried. The face is straight or dished. A Roman nose is discriminated again.
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