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Saanen goats

Saanen goats for sale

Saanen – the best dairy breed!

The Saanen breed is the most outstanding dairy breed of goats in the world. This breed shows the best results of milk production. Saanen goat hold the world record for daily and annual milk yield. Therefore, goats of the Saanen breed are widely used to obtain milk on an industrial scale. Saanen goats for sale

These goats are medium and large build. Some goats are born hornless. But on large farm all animals are dehorned in early age to prevent traumas. All the Saanen goats are white.

Characteristics of Saanen goats:

•  a large animal with a well-developed skeleton;
•  an adult goat should weigh at least 60 kg and have a height at the withers of at least 75 cm;
•  color – white or slightly cream;
•  annual milk yield – from 1100 kg;
•  average daily milk yield – 3.7 kg;
•  fat content in milk – 3.8-4.5%.

Keeping Saanen goats in the Netherlands:

•  year-round stall keeping on a deep straw bed;
•  early colostrum, weaning and automation of the feeding process;
•  early vaccination of young goats;
•  strict pedigree stock count and selection of couples taking into account fecundity and productivity;
•  milking by parallel or carousel systems;
•  the use of artificial insemination;
•  carrying out an early mating of goats (at the age of 7 months).


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